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To pay or not to pay? Bills included v paying your own way

18th Dec 2017 18th Dec 2017

If you and your friends are looking for a snazzy property to live in next year, it's important to remember that unlike in halls, your rent doesn’t always include your bills! Having stayed in halls, you are probably well accustomed to a bills-inclusive rent, but you might still fancy giving bill paying a go!

You’ll find there are bill splitting apps and services available, which can help to make sense of what might otherwise be a daunting task. Paying bills can also prepare you for life after university when you own or rent your own property... You’ve left home, so why not jump in with both feet?

The choice between bills included and bills not included may depend on the number of housemates you’ll have. It could be easy peasy lemon squeezy with just 2 or 3 of you, but if there is 6 of you, getting everyone’s share together could be a nightmare! Do you really want to rely on everyone having the money, when two of your housemates seem to spend all their dosh on Dominoes Pizza and the new FIFA is coming out precisely at the time payment is due?

The worst thing about not having bills included is the strain that it can put on your relationship with your housemates. Everyone has the best intentions when they are moving in with friends, but if one person misses a payment or doesn’t think the split is fair, the relationship can soon go sour! This can easily be avoided by getting a property with a bills included rent.

Besides, with the washing up piled up in the sink, the hair clogging the shower plug and the clothes left in the washing machine for three days, there are enough things to squabble over…  Is it worth throwing money, or the lack of it, into the political list of housemate problems?

We think opting for bills-inclusive rent is the sensible choice! Once you’ve paid your rent you know exactly what money you have left to spend on booze, cheesy chips and printing credits in Adsetts. You can then focus on more important subjects, such as your social life, or even studying! Also, do you really want to spend your life taking meter reads and turning the lights off after your housemates?

To make life a little easier for our tenants, all our properties are available on inclusive rents covering utilities, broadband and TV licence. We also offer a full maintenance package including a 24hr emergency call out service.