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Student Accommodation: 3 Important questions to get answers to, when considering a student property

15th Jan 2018

Student Accommodation: 3 Important questions to get answers to, when considering a student property

Getting a group of friends together and looking for your next student home is very exciting, and so it should be! After all, not only do you get to live with who you want and where you want, but it can also be a big step towards adult independence.

When you’re looking around properties it is a lot of fun deciding who would have what room, picturing your posters on the walls and thinking how much better you would be at arranging the furniture! Just make sure you don’t forget to ask all the questions you need to, below are 3 important questions to get the answers to.

1. What local amenities are in the area?

You’ve found a property you love and it is walking distance to uni… Good job! Before you make a final decision, be sure to check out the local area to see what amenities are around.

You’re going to want to be close to a supermarket, even if it is a small one. You will soon burn through your loan if you do your grocery shopping at a Sainsbury’s Local or Tesco express. Supermarkets offer much better value for money!

Where is your nearest cashpoint? Sometimes you might need to grab some cash in a hurry, so it will be useful to have a cashpoint close. Besides, nothing must annoy taxi drivers more than “can we stop off at a cash point on the way please” … Well, maybe your housemate who claimed to be “totally fine” 5 minutes ago throwing up in the back might just nudge ahead.

What about your spare time? Are there any bars or pubs nearby for when you and your housemates have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon than get a few rounds in and discuss how much uni work you should probably be doing? Perhaps you like to keep yourself in tip top shape and need a gym nearby… Why waste time walking to the gym when you can already be there pumping that iron?

Having good amenities nearby can make a good property a great property!

2.  Who is your point of contact if something needs doing?

No matter where you live, you are likely to need repairs and general maintenance carrying out throughout your tenancy. It’s important to find out what you as tenants are responsible for and who to contact when something that isn’t your responsibility needs sorting.

Lucky for our lot, Symon Donovan Properties has a full-time Maintenance Manager who carries out all repairs quickly and free of charge. He will even replace their light bulbs and kill the weeds in their garden! All tenants need to do is whizz him an email, how good is that?! Although let’s be honest, if he didn’t change lightbulbs we’d likely be carrying out property viewings in the dark… so it’s just as much for us!

Make sure you know who to contact if something serious happens. If you need urgent help with an issue such as security or heating/hot water its good to know you can get in touch without someone even outside of office hours. That’s why Symon Donovan Properties offers a 24hr emergency maintenance line!

3. What do current and previous tenants have to say about your potential new landlord or agent?

Sometimes a great property can be ruined by a bad landlord or agent, don’t worry though, we’re one of the good ones! (Award winning in fact, but we don’t like to brag).

A fantastic way to find out more about your potential new landlord or letting agent is to look at their reviews. Look out for legitimate reviews on places such as Google and Facebook as they will have been written by genuine people.