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Sheffield: What’s happening in Summer 2018? Part 2

1st Jun 2018

A few weeks ago we let you know about some of the unmissable events going on in Sheffield this Summer. Those events included Sheffield University’s Tuesday Club Summer Carnival, Sheffield Food Festival and a Pretty Mudder 5K. The problem is, with Sheffield being such an incredible city, a lot is going on! We need to let you know about other events we think you might be interested in. With so much going on, are you really thinking about going back home for the summer?

Mosborough Music Festival

Mosborough Music Festival has been taking place pretty much under the Sheffield radar since 2012, in previous years located on Sheffield’s Old Westfield Sports Campus. This year the event moves to Don Valley Bowl.

Mosbrough Music Festival, ‘Mos Fes’ for short, offers up a family-friendly environment with big name line up. Although it is a different venue, it is still the same mighty musical experience, just on a bigger scale. This year the line up includes The Pigeon Detectives and Bad Manners.

Mos Fes takes place on Saturday June 2nd.

The Rum Festival

The Rum Festival takes place in Trafalgar Square on Friday 27th July and Saturday 28th. It’s a good job it’s not on a Sunday too as no one wants a rum hangover on a Monday! Tickets start at £11, and you get a lot for your money as there is live music, tasters, food and your very own rum glass. We don’t imagine that it’s unlimited rum and food over the 2 days for £11, but that’s already more than you get at some festivals.

The rum cocktail bar and Caribbean vibes are sure to be a hit this summer in Sheffield. For the rum connoisseur, there will be over 100 different Rums available!

Sheffield Vegan Festival

Veganism has undoubtedly grown over the last few years. According to a new survey by there has been a significant spike in the number of people turning their back on a tradition diet of meat and fish, and becoming 'vegan'. Now more than 3.5 million British people now identifying as such.

On Saturday 15th September, at the MegaCentre, Vegan Festival will be visiting the people of Sheffield for its 3rd year.  Expect talks, food and animal rights awareness. Tickets are just £2 and the event is almost certain to grow year on year.