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The 4 best things about moving out of halls

5th Apr 2019


In your first year of university life it may make sense to live in halls. You’re probably going to be new to the city of Sheffield, just like the majority of first-year students that frequent our seven hills. Halls give you the chance to meet many new students and to develop relationships with people in the same boat as you. It’s like a support network to get you through the first year of your newly found independence.

While halls ease you into university life there are numerous alternatives available to you after your first year. Private student accommodation can add so much more to your overall university experience. Here we take a look at the four best things about moving out of halls as you enter year two of university life.


You’ll save money

In your first year of university life it makes sense to be with people who are in the same boat: new course, new city and a new life. But this does come at a cost and living in halls can be become expensive. Private accommodation offers a larger price range, more bespoke properties and there are plenty more options to suit all student budgets.


You’ll have more freedom

You’ll gain much more freedom in so many areas of your life. Who you choose to now live with is by far the biggest advantage! You can now live with the mates you made in your first year.

Also, the halls that you lived in your first year were probably purpose built. As you know, everyone’s room is the same and offers no originality. It’s a standard room with standard built-in furniture. In the private student sector there is much more variety. How about living in a converted steel factory? What could be more ‘Sheffield’ than that? That’s just one example of private student accommodation with character. 

Student halls inevitably come with rules, curfews and restrictions. Just like your mum and dads house! There can be much more freedom in the private sector, especially if you and your friends rent your own house! You’ll also have no restrictions on overnight guests!


You’ll become a real adult

One of the biggest reasons to look forward to renting privately in your second year is that you will get to make your own decisions. That means you are turning into a real adult.

You’ll need to learn how to budget. The cleaning, shopping, and basic maintenance is also up to you, or your housemates. This will also be your first experience of understanding and signing contracts. You’ll start to learn how to communicating and develop relationships with professionals that provide a service to you, such as a letting agent and a maintenance team.


You’ll get to know Sheffield better

Things can become pretty insulated in your first year of halls at University, and that’s fine. The thing is, there is so much to Sheffield, and living in private rented accommodation does allow you to be more immersed in the city, or in the very part of the city you want to live in.

Is there a particular pub you love? Well, you can now look for a house that is a stone's throw away. Staying in halls in your first year, but in your second year, private student accommodation will give you more choice while saving you money. More for less, that’s a no brainer, right?