Please take a look and see what our previous and current tenants have to say about our service and properties:

“We've just signed on for another year with SDP with no hesitation at all! The team in the office have been fantastic with us ever since we first enquired about properties. Since moving in the communication between the office and ourselves is really impressive. The company really are fantastic, and I'd recommend them to anyone”!
Adam Butler (2015-2016)

"Lived with SDP from '14-'15 didn't even hesitate to sign again for my last year in uni. Always accommodate you, very happy to help. Never had an issue with the properties, staff or the like. Good prices highly recommend!!”
Tom Plant (2014-2016)

"I signed for a second year, good property and deal with any requests or problems straight away! Highly recommend".
 Karly Waterfall (2014-2016)

"Absolutely fantastic landlords. Very helpful and very friendly. All issues were resolved professionally and quickly".
Alice Cleveland (2015-2016)

"I've just resigned to live with SDP for a second year and I can't recommend them highly enough if you're a student looking for accommodation. They are fantastic, very friendly and always happy to help. Any problems we've had have always been sorted straight away so I can't fault them at all.”
Hollie Evans (2015-2016)

Just resigned with SDP for third year of uni and can't fault them for their service with the student housing they offer. The housing is affordable and bills included make it nice and easy for us. Always been straight out for any issues we have had and even gave us all new bathrooms and a new kitchen. Very helpful team and always have sweets at hand whenever we go in. Would recommend them to all students!”
Natasha Barratt (2015-2016)

“Lived with SDP for the 15-16 academic year and had no hesitation in re-signing for the next academic year. Office staff are very happy to help, the team have worked to ensure that our time in the house has been the most comfortable - making significant improvements to areas around the house such as a new kitchen and bathroom. Maintenance staff are always very quick to answer queries and administration staff deal with the process quickly and efficiently”.
Luke Davies (2015-2016)

 “Free wine, great house, brill staff. You hear so many horror stories of student houses but SDP are the complete opposite, thanks guys”!
Eleanor Davison (2015-2016)

"Spent a summer with SD properties and had a brilliant time, great property and brilliant staff to help you out, easily 5*”!
Daniel Wenman (Summer 2015)

“In four years of being here in Sheffield SD are the only letting agents we'd recommend”.
Chris (2015-2016)

“I have been living with SDP since July 2013. The accommodation itself is superior to other student accommodation in Sheffield. I have lived in several other student based accommodations and SDP is by far the best, the staff are always friendly and will do their best to help you. Chris, the maintenance man for the company is so hard working and will help when anyone needs him, whether it be something big or small. The finish on the accommodation is something a bit different, which is what attracted me to the apartments in the first place. But it is great value for money and I would recommend any student in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year to seriously consider SDP as they know what students need and want for a home from home”
Sarah Moore (2013-2016)

I have been living with SDP since the latter end of summer now. I have to say that the quality of the accommodation on offer here is certainly superior to other similarly priced places such as Unite. The business itself, while being small, are very swift at reacting to any issues you may have. Whether it be something as small as needing a light bulb replacing, or to say fix your shower (both of which I have needed doing).
Jamie Sharpe (2013-2016)

"SDP were fantastic when I rented one of their student apartments last year. The flat was excellent, clean and homely. It was completely repainted when we arrived and they made sure the oven was professionally cleaned when we requested. Any problems were dealt with quickly, though we had very few throughout the year. The staff are really friendly in the office and were always up for a good chat whenever we had to stop by! I would recommend finding a property through sdp, especially as the flats are so conveniently located to the city centre and university campuses.”
Connie Gregory (2013-2014)

"Superb apartment! I would say you would struggle very hard to find an apartment at this quality and price, where staff are very friendly and responded to our needs if there was ever a problem (very rarely).
I lived in one of their apartments in my second year of uni (2012/13) and was so impressed with the size of the apartments, the quality of the kitchens and the safety of the whole building, that I requested to stay another year for my final year at university (2013/14).
The apartments were homely (which I thought important compared to the student halls that were clinical and dull) and the rooms are such a great size, plenty of room to study in your bedroom and relax in the lounge areas.
With previous comments I feel that one must remember nowhere is perfect, SDP have always tried their best in meeting every apartments needs, any problems that we had (perhaps the Wi-Fi stopped momentarily, or something had broken) SDP Maintenance was round the same day and even sometimes within the hour to fix/find a solution for our problem.
The main office was great especially Oliver Robinson who will never fail to put a smile on your face and makes you feel so welcome for a chat!
Highly recommend the apartments for any student looking for an almost luxurious feel to student living- without the massive price tag!”

Aimy Dodge (2012-2014)

My experience with SDP was positive. Any maintenance issues were responded to promptly, all other contact I had with the company was fine. Before we left we cleaned the property, and the deposit was paid back in full
Alan Edwardes (2013-2014)

"I am living with Symon Donovan Properties in my final year at uni. The guys here have been fantastic - they have helped out with any queries we have had and been very quick to sort out anything that needed fixing! The standard of their accommodation is miles above a lot of the other student properties around, and the level of service provided is fantastic. I would recommend Symon Donovan to everyone".
Helen Chick (2013 -2014)

"We have been living in a Symon Donovan property since the start of the summer. We chose the property due to the size of all the bedrooms and the location. We selected the 'all inclusive' option (all the bills are included) as we have previously paid bills separately with a different letting company and it seemed a lot more hassle. We have been very happy with the service and property; the staff are all really friendly, understanding and keen to help. They have also provided us with various new items, to name a few: a flat screen TV, new beds, new desk. If there are any maintenance issues then we simply need to send an email to a particular email address and they are at the property fixing it within several hours. All in all, very happy".
Anna Rogers (2013-2014)

 “Can I express our personal gratitude and the gratitude of the girls for all the effort you have put into the house. You have been as good as your word and taken a very personal interest in making sure all is of an acceptable standard... They couldn't have a better start to their second year at Sheffield. Having accommodation that you enjoy living in and an understanding and pro-active landlord is so important.” 
Parent of a tenant at (2012-2014)

“Thanks to all at SD Properties for all your prompt attention whenever the girls have experienced a problem. I'm sure people forget to thank you when something good happens! My daughter has enjoyed her stay at Shoreham Street and is already feeling reluctant to leave Sheffield on completion of her course”. 
Parent of a tenant (2012-2014)

"After 16 months living in Norfolk Barracks, I can only conclude that the overall experience in which SDP offers its tenants can only be described as outstanding in comparison to other landlords/ accommodation providers in Sheffield. 'Going the extra mile' is second nature to SDP in regards to keeping its tenants happy. Any requests that both myself and my partner have made over the past 16 months have been met much faster than any previous landlords that we have been with. SDP is comprised of a few names and faces that you may meet, but the ones that have always helped me out in particular are James, Ollie (office) and Chris (Head of maintenance). The high standards of the accommodation create an environment that is not just homely, but practical for university work and socialising. Any friends or family that have visited have commented on both the aesthetics and the space in which our accommodation provides. The character of the building is just an added bonus. The combination of the outstanding customer service and high standard accommodation in which I have received can only urge me to recommend SDP as landlords".
Kane Humphreys (2011-2013)

“The SDP Team are always happy to help, treating me with maturity and respect. They endeavour to get any issues fixed the same day, and if not ensure a quick and efficient response. Any maintenance issues are dealt with by their dedicated maintenance manager who comes out on the day to fix any maintenance issues and will even set up the heating control system for you! The flats themselves are clean and light with a modern open spaced plan, brilliant for socialising after a long day at university, or sitting back in front of the included widescreen television. All general bedroom/living room & kitchen furnishings are included with the added bonus of a washer dryer! The complex has safe and secure access, is well lit and uses CCTV at the entrance to enhance security. Hawk works is in a brilliant location only a 5-10 min walk to City campus &Town along brightly lit routes, making me feel safe walking home in such a large city. The complex is also easily accessible from the main Sheffield ring-road giving it good access to all routes in and out of the city. Hawk works also comes with a simple all-inclusive payment plan meaning I could move straight in, connect my computer to the internet and don’t have to worry about extra utility bills falling in my lap at the end of the maintenance loan period, or to deal with utilities companies and the constant energy rate increases, allowing me to concentrate on studying and spending time with my friends! I would recommend Hawk works to any students serious about their studies that also want to be right in the heart of the city.” 
Emily Ford (2012-2013)